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New York City astrologers offer visions of disaster, revolution and reconciliation for 2011

astrologers; New York City astrologers offer visions of disaster, revolution and reconciliation for 2011 New York City astrologers offer visions of disaster, revolution and reconciliation for 2011 On Friday night, over tequila-laced eggnog, a group of New York’s premier astrologers gathered ‘round the Christmas tree for some spirits, socialising and soothsaying. (L-R) Diana Rosenberg, Michael Lutin and an attendee listening to Diana Rosenberg Photo: LAIRD BANKS On a bitterly cold Friday night, four days before the Winter Solstice on December 21 and a historic lunar eclipse starting on December 20, the New York chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), an organisation of certified astrologers, gathered in Michael Lutin’s Upper West Side apartment. Lutin, the past president of NCGR in New York, for 25 years wrote the Planetarium column in Vanity Fair magazine before taking it to his own website. To the casual observer, it was a festive Christmas scene with a bauble-bedecked tree, easy chairs in front of a sputtering fire, and a dessert table that could rival the pastry case at Dean & DeLuca. But on a conversational level, it was more like a gathering at Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. Lutin’s “wizards” murmured about planetary degrees and America’s transformation as Pluto, the astrological harbinger of death and rebirth, continues its journey through re-organiser Capricorn - with another fourteen years to go. Every principle that the US was founded on, according to the astrologers, is going to come under attack and review. Pluto’s current tour began in 2008 and the last time Pluto toured Capricorn, about 250 years ago, the American Revolution occurred. In the cycle before that, a disenchanted monk, Martin Luther, started the Reformation. The US, like all other countries, has its own horoscope, explained Bob Marks, who has been studying astrology for over 40 years and specialises in advising clients on the most propitious places to travel on their birthdays. The US was born on the fourth of July, making her a Cancer, while England - born on Christmas Day of 1066 at the coronation of William the Conqueror - is the US’s astrological opposite, a Capricorn.

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A contemporary system of what though? I mean, I use harmonics which is different than most other forms of astrology. I can do Uranian/Cosmobiology. I use outers. There's Vedic. What contemporary system are you looking for? https://twitter.com/vegand/status/992078162124328960 …

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